here he is, folks

I'm a relatively new designer, on a geological time-scale at least.

When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut. More realistically, I would like to work in the graphics-dominant side of the industry, making things like book covers or assets for some video game in which you make book covers.

I guarantee you've never met anyone like me. I also make the same guarantee for everyone you will ever meet, depending on how you quantify "likeness". You may be surprised to learn that I enjoy philosophy, but don't worry if it seems convoluted—I play it for laughs, so you don't really need to follow the logic.

I like to infuse drama in my work; I'm not quite a drama queen, more like a drama duke or perhaps a drama baron with a knighthood. Don't get me wrong, I don't start drama—I'm calm, collected, even-keeled, composed even. Rest assured, beneath my stoic demeanor I am laughing gayly.

"I think that he is very cool and has a large amount of friends."
- M. Y. Frienderson

Do not look past the surface

this is not a simulation.